Hygiene and Nonwovens

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Adhesive Solutions for the Hygiene and Nonwoven Industry

Nonwoven Adhesive Solutions from Our Family of Hygiene Adhesives

Demand for nonwoven, high-performance hygiene adhesives continues to increase as the need for disposable hygiene products, such as baby diapers, training pants, feminine protection, and adult incontinence products, grows across the globe. Despite the fact that adhesives are only a small part of the total materials used in disposable absorbent products, they play a fundamental role in delivering the enhanced functionality required for meeting the changing demands of consumers.

Over the past couple years, consumers have been concerned about trace chemicals, called substances of interest (SOI) in the products they buy.  At H.B. Fuller, we are committed to bringing safe products to consumers and building a better future for our planet. Click here to learn more about SOIs in disposable hygiene products.

H.B. Fuller is a leading global adhesives provider and offers state-of-the-art hygiene solutions for all of your disposable hygiene product needs.

Hygiene Solutions and Product Innovation in the Market

Today, the hygiene industry is driven by product innovation designed to reduce waste, improve absorption, and allow for thinner cores and greater comfort. Additionally, the development of nonwoven adhesives, and their role in the transformation of hygiene solutions and products in the market, cannot be underestimated. With more raw materials to choose from, more processing variables, more application techniques, and greater collaboration between manufacturers and suppliers, adhesives are at the very core of hygiene innovation.

The H.B. Fuller Experience

With over 40 years of pioneering adhesive solutions in the hygiene market, H.B. Fuller knows what matters to customers.

At H.B. Fuller, we recognize the power in having a partner with problem-solving power and global research and development capabilities. We are that partner. We deliver the solutions that enable the product designs your customers want, as well as the end-to-end support your business needs. Whether you are manufacturing baby and infant care products, feminine care products, adult care products, or specialty absorbent products, you can rely on H.B. Fuller for all of your hygiene solution needs. 

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